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5 Finest Practices to Reduce Cyber Crimes in BPO Companies

Posted by Sakshi Sharma

The dawn of digitization has been immensely helpful for businesses. Right from assisting them in managing the functions efficiently to helping them fight competition, technological advancements have proved out to be a boon for all kinds of corporate establishments across industries. The age of scientific progressions has been such that its massive contributions in the domain of commerce cannot be undermined. However, along with this massive benefit comes a dark side of the technical world which has been the cause of failure of numerous businesses. The wrongdoing which is being highlighted here is none other than cyber crime. With the ever-increasing usage and popularity of technology, the world has witnessed a major upsurge in the rates of cybercrime. Individuals with malicious intentions conceal their true identity behind the curtains and use the blessing of digitization in a wrong way which ends up impacting the interests of businesses to a great extent.

It wouldn’t be wrong to say that the risk of cybercrimes is higher for BPO companies as they’re the ones who are responsible for handling the critical data of other businesses. As all the confidential information is of clients and not the entity itself, these outsourcing centers have to make special efforts in order to ensure that the data being vested with them is secure. Whether it is inbound call centers or outbound ones, installing such systems which safeguard the business from the attack of hackers is of paramount importance. However, this is easier said than done because the cyber criminals are only looking for one weak point which can help them fulfill their malevolent intents. In an attempt to help BPO companies fight such fraudsters, here is a list of five best practices which can be used to reduce the chances of becoming a victim of cybercrimes.

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*      Audit your way to success: 

Be it the financial records or confidential client data, auditing is a powerful way to catch hold of any possible bugs. Managers need to push themselves and make necessary attempts to ensure that audits are done regularly. If the authorities aren’t able to find the necessary time to pursue the auditing objectives, then they must opt for an automated software instead. Also, password auditing is a field which must not be neglected and agents need to be pushed for changing passwords on a regular basis. By opting for a strong password management, the business can ensure that its critical information is safe from the eyes of hackers.

*      Strengthen the authentication process: 

This practice holds special importance for inbound call centers as they’re the ones who receive calls from customers round-the-clock and are expected to provide them with adequate solutions. However, numerous cases have been noted when because of a lack of adequate authentication process, agents ended up sharing critical information with customers with hackers who were acting as clients. In order to save oneself from this horror, it is of great importance to validate the identity of users adequately. Multi-factor authentication is a proven practice which is one of the most effective countermeasures available in today’s age.

*   Securing the endpoints: 

If there is one area of the network which is the most vulnerable to cyber-attacks, then it has to be endpoints. The main reason behind this susceptibility is the presence of holes which are purposefully created in the network security border to permit the internal and external users to access the resources. However, by opting for an advanced endpoint detection solution, BPO companies can significantly improve the system’s capability to defend itself from any possible attacks.

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*      Educating the agents: 

One of the weakest links in the entire security system are the agents. The efficiency of a security system holds the least important if it’s the workers who lax in protecting the passwords and other critical resources. This makes it even more vital for BPO companies to empower agents with educational sessions which can be easily understood and remembered by them. Undeniably, the vigilant workforce will be able to sense any possible threats and would be able to safeguard the interests of the firm immediately.

However, it is of utmost vitality to note here that the aforementioned practices aren’t a substitute for a competent security software. These are the practices which aren’t a substitute for a secure technical equipment but a way to boost the security. By following these rituals, along with aligning an impeccable high-security software, BPO companies will be able to ensure that their confidential information remains safe from the possible attacks of cyber criminals.

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