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A Rendezvous between Studying Consumer Psychology and Achieving Excellence

Posted by Ishtiyaq Nabi

Which organization does not aspire to incorporate the organizational strategies that can pave the way for accomplishment of the strategic, premeditated, and long-term objective of boasting a loyal customer base?  Have you ever come across any entrepreneur who is least bothered about fostering valuable relationships with customers?  For that matter, have you ever read about any decision maker in the business world who is refraining from maintaining healthy rapport with customers?  Obviously, every endeavor of every business firm is wholeheartedly focused on understanding every minute need and expectation of customers so that they can formulate more customer-centric strategies, which can furthermore pave way for strengthened, enduring bonds with customers.

What is consumer psychology?

Consumer psychology is predominantly defined as systematic and methodological study so as to develop better perspective into various prevalent as well as not-so-prevalent factors that can influence purchasers’ decisions.  Not only does this systematic and methodological study focus upon gaining accurate understanding of cognitive factors that can have influential impact on purchasers’ tastes, choices, needs, and preferences, but it also revolves around monitoring all the factors and influencers that can modify these attributes of customers.

Why BPO firms need to analyze consumer psychology?

Amongst all the actions that businesses take to understand their customers more efficiently, the most crucial one is definitely establishing enriching conversations with customers.  Once you have ensured that your brand representatives and customers are engaging in enriching communication quite regularly, you can easily ensure that you are gaining accurate perspective of customer expectations.  Although it is so true that it is a forward-looking strategy, but it is so disheartening that most BPO outsourcing companies are not walking that extra mile to study consumer psychology adroitly through those communication.  You must know that communications (established on a regular basis) with customers give you opportunities to gain better insight in consumer psychology.  If a customer is specifically informing you about a particular feature in your product that fascinates him/her the most, then this talks a lot about the inclination of that customer towards that feature.  Herein, you should have an adept analytical framework that can help you keep a close eye on such inclination, trends, and specifications quite easily.  More importantly, you also need to analyze consumer psychology pertaining to their proclivity towards special features that govern their decisions to associate (or part ways) with a specific brand.

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How in-depth understanding of consumer psychology can help BPO firms?

Once a business process outsourcing firm has analyzed consumer psychology meticulously, it would be blessed with a high level of understanding into every factor that can please or disappoint customers.  Not only will it allow business process outsourcing companies to help their clients design more proficient, more customer-centric policies, but it would also enable the outsourcing firms to improve the quality of tech support services.  Nobody can deny the fact that organizations outsource tech support services to specialists with the core intention of provisioning excellent tech support solutions to every customer who is encountering pesky technical irregularities.

A glance at how outsourcing companies can study consumer psychology

Outsourcing experts believe that only a few organizations in outsourcing sector are paying extra attention to consumer psychology.  As per these experts, organizations that are watchful about all the trends are the ones that are scaling unparalleled heights of excellence, growth, and success.  All the aspiring BPO outsourcing companies worldwide must follow what their successful counterparts have been doing.  Although nobody is in denial mode that outsourcing companies are not taking this seriously, and we all acknowledge that these companies are directly in touch with customers quite regularly to know more about their needs, expectations, inclinations, and specifications.  However, does that mean that you do not have to put in extra efforts in order to excel?  No matter how efficiently you have been performing multiple outsourced functions, if you want to stay futuristic, you need to read consumer psychology meticulously.

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All the BPO firms need to have excellent framework and team of experts who can efficiently examine and analyze consumer behavior.  Not only do these professionals need to have excellent analytical acumen, but they also must possess understanding of how to connect purchasers’ decisions with various factors, including demography, socio-economic statures, lifestyle, gender, and age group.  More importantly, a brief understanding of principles of behavioral science can furthermore help outsourcing firms develop more accurate insight.  All these will help BPO firms achieve unparalleled excellence.

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