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How can Call Center Outsourcing help your Business to achieve more Profitability?

Posted by Shashvat Vats

A study shows that businesses that have tried to set-up an in-house call center have to bear the cost as much as 3% of the net sales and more. You may not agree to give a large chunk of your profit to the internal call center infrastructure set up. For this reason, businesses are looking up to delegate their operations to proficient call center providers to aid their growing companies.

Call center outsourcing is a cost-effective method by which you can leave all your worries about business functions that are not so influential to your revenue stream. We are talking about business operations such as customer support, help-desk, accounting, order taking, lead generation, and market research. Let’s say you do understand the imperative nature of outsourcing, but how will you decide that whether outsourcing does what is being said it would do to your business?

We are going to walk through the main points that are going to throw light on how actually outsourcing call center services can offer advantages to your business:

       i. Low cost

Whenever we talk about cost-effective nature of outsourcing, everyone thinks it’s about the labor per hour rate and nothing else. This is not true. Cost-effective nature of outsourcing can be realized by comparing the total costs per transaction when delegated to when setting up an in-house facility. Transaction cost incorporates your payroll and benefit costs for agents and management. It also includes the occupancy cost for space and utilities during the inception of an in-house call center.  

If you do the overall analysis, you will get a much clearer picture regarding which process is costing you more. Ensure that your outsourcing partner is providing all the costs of the proposal itself and there are no hidden expenses. Companies that are small and medium-sized are known to have seasonal requirements and hence they do not want to pay for 12 months straight. Outsourcing gives these sort of organizations flexibility by offering only required agents. This again lowers the overall cost per transaction.

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     ii. Seasonal demands are scaled properly

You may have a business that witnesses high sales volume during a particular season and is not so occupied during rest of the year. So, hiring & training the agents and keeping them up-to-date with the current trends is not a cheap task. Rather, you have to pay a lot of sum for having an in-house call center.

Call center outsourcing gives you an upper hand in aiding your requirements from a growth and seasonal point-of-view with less worry. It is quite crucial that you make your outsourcing partner understand your product and business. Offering regular training and rendering precise forecasts to your partner will give your business an upper edge in the competition.

  iii. Emphasizing on core operations

Management of any business can surely have more time to concentrate on designing a new line of products, customer acquisition, growth initiatives and marketing campaigns if it chooses to outsource. An eminent company offering BPO services will imperatively offer you enough space and time to converge your focus on your brand.

   iv. Getting support for after-hours and overflow

Businesses often face the situations when they experience higher call volumes than normal. In these cases, outsourcing helps your business as it offers flexibility and affordability hand-in-hand. There is always a fear of losing customers during the high call volumes. Your outsourcing partner will eradicate this issue by offering around-the-clock service and giving customized solutions for call overflow situations.  

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     v. Avoids investing

Owing to the swiftly changing technology trend, every business wants to be in line with the latest happenings in the market. If you wish to install and update these technologies inside your premise, then you are about to invest a hefty amount. This investment is weeded out as your outsourcing partner takes care of technologies and infrastructure accordingly. The money that you save here can be utilized in some other business functions of yours that demand investment.

   vi. Fewer efforts

There is absolutely no doubt that availing BPO services does save a lot of your effort that you could put in somewhere more important. When you plan to start an in-house facility for call center services, you have to take care of entire hiring and then the training process of agents. After this, you have to take care of the technologically versed tools that are needed to smoothen the whole customer experience. All this would take your money and an astonishing amount of time.

Delegating business functions to a prominent name will solve all the issue and you can now transfer your efforts into other processes of the company.

Final Takeaway

Call center outsourcing is not a curse nor is it avoided in today’s world. Some of the most pronounced companies in the world favor outsourcing due to its multi-beneficial trait. Let’s see what you feel about outsourcing and does this blog changes your perception of it yet? Do let us know in the comment section below.

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