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Enhance Customer Experience through Effective Utilization of Customer Service Touch Points

Posted by Rishabh Arora

Every knowledge-oriented business entity must be well-versed with the term ‘touch point’. In recent times, many business conglomerates have come to understand the significance of having multiple touch points across all channels of communication with the customers. As the level of competition is on a continuous upsurge, business entities have understood the importance of contacting the current and prospective customers via telephone or a live chat session in order to achieve business success. Engaging with customers at regular intervals through different mediums has emerged as a successful strategy for many business units. Some companies have also opted for professional call center outsourcing services to perform this task on their behalf. Such businesses realize the importance of winning their trust and keeping them for a longer duration.  

Before we move ahead, let us enhance our understanding about various important points.

  • What do we mean by touch points?

The dictionary definition of a touch point states that a touch point is an interface pertaining to a product or service. But from a business standpoint, it goes way beyond that. Various experts of BPO companies have arrived at a mutual understanding that that a touch is a place where our customers with our business or our brand. It is a vital ingredient of a customer experience with a brand. In recent times, customer service at varied touch points has emerged as a force to reckon with. It plays a pivotal role when we want to create a good impression. This is one of the major reasons that companies have started opting for professional services through call center outsourcing services to excel in this vertical.  

A majority of industry insiders will confer to the fact that it is no longer about delivering the right product or service and expect to be successful. Business entities also need to ensure that that they have covered all the bases related to varies touch points. From a marketing perspective, it may be just about the branding aspect or may be about our ad campaign. The point lies in enhancing customer experience at all possible touch points.

  • What is the significance of enhancing customer experience?

Emphasizing on a broader picture, a lot of business units that have heard about the concept of customer experience have also directed their energies in this vertical. It is not like every business is joining the bandwagon and going with the motions. There is an innate earnestness about customer experience at its impact on our business function. Customer experience goes way beyond selecting the best among the available alternatives of BPO companies and investing as per the industry standards.

It is important to understand that selecting among the alternatives is just a small portion of the entire process. Business units need to look at a broader picture and introspect within its horizons that how important is customer experience to our business. Companies always need to be on the outlook to enhance customer experience at every possible touch point.

  • How do we evaluate customer experience?

As we have attained a basic understanding about the significance of customer experience, we shall now evaluate the same in terms of numbers. Some of the novices may argue that there is no apt mechanism to measure customer experience. But the fact is that, just like every other parameter, we can measure it. All it requires is the creation of categories and criteria so that we are able to transform experience into measurable numbers. These numbers may not be that important to an employee working in this vertical, but these numbers tell a story to the owners of business enterprises.

It is extremely vital that we understand the nuances of our business, our brands and various touch points where our customers are likely to contact us. If a business entity does not understand these and is still unsure about its execution and just going ahead as per the motions, measuring customer experience would be quite a tough task in such a scenario. As a matter of fact, we might not be able to garner fruitful results that are instrumental in making our business a resounding success.

We can comprehend from the above discussion that opting for professional call center outsourcing services will certainly enhance customer experience as we would be able to effectively make full use of customer service touch points. Creating an impact that stays with a customer is the sole determinant of the fact if our services are a success or a failure. Business entities need to learn the art of leveraging upon different opportunities available at every touch point because every customer interaction gives us an insight into our market. 

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