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Focus On Customer Satisfaction Score To Develop Analytics-Based Customer Insights

Posted by Ishtiyaq Nabi

An unhappy customer should ideally be a nightmare for any business firm!  No aspect of your business, be it reputability, revenue generation capability, business agility, organizational efficiency, and even entrepreneurial speed, would remain unaffected if you have even one unhappy customer. Therefore, enterprises prudently take multifarious actions to ensure that the most valuable stakeholders of their brands — customers — are offered pleasurable experience at each touch point.  However, does taking relevant actions in this regard mean that you are further relieved from any duty?  Unquestionably, no!

Being an enterprise that works hard towards improving organizational performance consistently, it becomes your moral obligation to know where you stand in the market, at any given point of time. That’s where, the significance of evaluating and monitoring Customer Satisfaction (C-Sat) score, on a timely basis, comes into play. Customer satisfaction can be principally defined as a marketing term that indicates whether (and how) a particular product or service has met (or failed to meet) a customer’s expectation.  The inferences drawn from customer satisfaction surveys can help entrepreneurs, business owners, and top level management personnel gain better insight into how to improve their overall business.  Be it related to the quality of business offerings or efficiency of outsourced call center services, by keeping a track of customer satisfaction score, businesses can adroitly improve the quality of their organizational, mission-critical functions.  Therefore, forward-looking enterprises prefer joining hands with leading survey firms that can collect, organize, and interpret crucial customer data in a dexterous yet immaculate manner. This helps them develop analytics-based customer insight in an accomplished manner.

As in-depth surveys are accompanied with a myriad of complications, it becomes mandatory to choose reliable methods, processes, and techniques in order to induce ‘reliability’ factor in your inferences.  Mentioned below are some empirical tips that can help you conduct an exhaustive C-Sat survey.

Pay special attention to channel preference of customers:  Believe it or not, each customer has special inclination towards a specific channel of communication, and if somehow or the other, you fail to establish the communication through that preferred channel, then customers might not like to give factual response.  May God forbid, but if you would end up drawing conclusion(s) based on such untrustworthy answers, then it can have forceful impact on your business. Be it related to knowing about customers’ experience at a company’s outlet or knowing about his/her satisfaction after availing outsourced technical support, paying attention to channel preference of customers will help you induce ‘accountability’ in survey results.

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Keep a close eye on social media platforms:  If you really concerned about the response rate of your survey, then you have to be extra cautious about this aspect.  Various organizations conduct surveys through social media platforms as those have gained mammoth popularity among customers in recent years.  You need to be extra attentive about what your customers have to say (about your brand) on social networking channels.  More importantly, though social networking channels, you can engage your customers in all the communication in the form of quiz, competitions, and initiatives of similar nature.  Thus, it is important for survey agencies to keep a close eye on all prevalent social media platforms.

Be extra cautious about crucial customer service metrics:  As your customer service professionals are the ones who are in direct contact with your customers (both existing and prospective ones), it undeniably becomes important to consider all the metrics that can help you gauge or evaluate the efficiency of your outsourced call center services.  Some of the most crucial metrics that should be considered while conducting customer satisfaction surveys are average first call resolution rates, average call handling time, call abandonment rate, and so on.  These metrics can help you know more about your customers and the ways in which their mounting expectations can be met.

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Precautionary note:  Organizations must maintain distance with drawing paradoxical or tentative conclusions based on hypothetical situations or unstructured data.

In a nutshell:  To conduct a far-reaching customer satisfaction survey, organizations must embrace pragmatic and customer-friendly strategies.  This will help them develop analytics-based insight into customer expectations and the pragmatic ways in which those can be surpassed.

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