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Do you Need to Revamp Your Sales Pipeline?

Posted by Polash

When clients approach lead generation services they often think that they just need that one thing for their businesses to scale up their growth- more sales leads. But usually, they are in need of something more in addition- a better system in place for qualifying their existing sales and a better technique to maximize business leads.

Any b2b or b2c sales lead pipeline is a unique business ecosystem on its own. The lead management department of an organization must know how to properly manage their business leads, conduct the most efficient appointment setting, and put solid processes in place to extract the most out of all the leads.

Many successful lead generation companies in the USA take a holistic approach to their sales pipeline while developing and formulating their lead generation process. It is not as simple as finding ‘more sales leads’ to keep their sales funnel full and up and running. In lieu, one often needs to reassess and reexamine how the sales leads are being handled and managed in every step of the cycle.

Here, in this article let us explore the various signs that should instigate businesses to remodel their sales lead pipeline.

No up-coming new business appointments in the calendar

When a business is finalizing negotiations, closing ‘deals’ and setting up new clients, it can often be difficult to give equal emphasis on new business prospecting. Sales reps regularly have to face a lot of rejections during cold calling and due to this reason, many of them are not very keen on conducting prospecting calls. Furthermore, when business is good and deals are coming in easy often the salespeople put aside the trouble of prospecting for later.

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One should look back at their calendar and call records of the last 2-3 weeks and should evaluate how much time they have actually allotted to new business development. And if required one should take necessary measures to revamp the process. The sales funnel is not going to feed itself. It requires a new addition of prospects on a continuous frequency so as to keep the whole sales process up and running.

Loss of a major client and there is no replacement in place

A loss of a big client always comes as a surprise to a business. Such surprises can be avoided by keeping a monthly total of how many new sales leads one has and which one is going to close when. It is impossible to predict a random event such as the loss of a client but one can always forecast and exert control to a certain extent on the number of leads that are in the sales pipeline. The best way to avoid any setback is to continuously keep a constant number of leads on the pipeline so that whenever any loss of an existing customer occurs, one can always replace them with a new one.

The leads are stalled or dead

Lead generation does not necessarily mean scouring for new sales leads, it also involves converting the existing sales leads that are already waiting in the pipeline. The pipeline needs to continuously pump out leads into customers. Lead generation companies in USA know very well the importance of continuous reassessment of the existing opportunities. And if it is found that the number of substandard leads is significant then one needs to take necessary measure so as to replace those deals with qualified leads.

Too many small deals

There is nothing wrong with executing smaller deals if they have good potentials in the long-run. But the problem of having too many small deals is that they take time to grow. A lot of such deals can clog up the sales pipeline and fluctuate the business’s sales forecast. A good b2b call center can help a business analyze the reason behind and make requisite suggestions so as to increase the average size of the deals which in turn leads to a more profitable account.

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