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Top 7 Ways to Generate Leads from your Business Blogs

Posted by Shashvat Vats

A business booms because it gets a higher sales figure, which is a result of getting more customers that in turn is done by acquiring leads.

For any business to flourish, generation of lead is a big task. Every year companies invest a huge amount of money to either set up an internal lead generation team or approach bpo outsourcing companies.

The reason why we can see numerous lead generation companies in USA, UK, France, Germany, and other first world countries is that every business wants to taste the sweet taste of success.

A lot of companies sometimes fail to generate warm leads for their business even after outsourcing. Another approach that companies take in order to generate closable leads is by setting up a business blog.

Although the relevance of organic marketing and generating enquiries from the blog is assumed to be a tedious and slow process, the implication of a successful business blog leads to amazing results.

Today, in this blog, you are going to get a glimpse of how to generate leads from your business blogs. Let’s have a look:

The titles of the post

When you are setting up a blog post, think like the customers. Who will read your blog and how are they supposed to find you.

Of course, your audience is going to find your business blogs not via random exploring but through Google search.

Hence, it becomes imperative from your point of view to customize the title of your blog post in symmetry with the search suggestions.

Another important aspect is how you are jotting down the content; is it engaging enough? Does your content generate interest for the readers?

Optimizing these aspects can make your blog more relevant to your business objective.

Give more than one subscriptions

The process of generating interest then nurturing, educating and finally converting the leads starts from the basic step of getting them subscribed to your business blog.

If you would explore successful lead generating companies in USA, UK or any other nation, you would find that they offer more than one subscription option on the business blogs of their clients.

People today love multiple choices, so give them that. Come out of the conventional methods of just providing the options of RSS feed or email and offer alternatives such as Email, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and aggregation services like Flipboard.

Offer aggressive subscription

Most of the companies that are doing quite well are not dependent on the icons of social media networks to get the subscription of leads.

Typically, the lead generation companies in USA believe in acquiring maximum subscriptions of the leads.

What they do is they offer a “subscribe to this blog” box in your sidebar. In addition to this, ad selling copy is offered to the probable subscribers on a regular basis. An example of this is adding “don’t miss another post, subscribe now” does the trick.

Upload the downloadable content

Do you know if you erode the conventional widgets such as ‘categories’ and ‘tags’ you can actually add some enhanced sidebar feature that can drive engagement with the potential leads?

Providing downloadable buttons for content such as videos, articles, whitepapers, case-studies and records increases the chance of more leads sticking to your business after one exposure only.

Ensure to offer a door from these write-ups to your subscription pages.

Call to action

What most of the lead generation companies in USA, UK, Germany, and allied nations are doing is that they are capitalizing on the potential of call-to-action buttons.

If you are offering a reader a chance to download the white paper of the blog he/she is reading about on the same page, you are offering him convenience and that’s very good.

Keep it simple and do not implement this tactic on every blog post but after a suitable time.

Gated content

Make sure to not scribble every post as an editorial content, instead, post the webinars, eBook or any other such events in the blog posts.

Do not forget to render the complete link to the full version.

Also, since you are skewing the content of the full version into a smaller and suitable version that can fit in a blog post; make sure to pen down an interesting and educational blog post.

Link the keywords

This is done in two parts. The first part, where you insert keyword in your title, Meta tags, and the body of the content. So, when a user is searching something related to the keywords you included, the link of your blog post will be in front of him.

The second part is linking the keywords with the landing or directed web pages. This ensures that the traffic that is coming to your blog is genuinely directed to your website.

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