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Content Marketing

In the current competitive business landscape, every business firm engages in heightened marketing activities to increase sales, boost brand awareness and retain existing customers. Content marketing is an effective way of engaging with audiences, raising brand awareness, attracting customers and making sales. Content plays a pivotal role in search engine scoring, attracting backlinks, buzz and social sharing.While creating a corporate website, the quality of the content on-page is extremely important. Not just for prospective customers but also for modern day digital marketing efforts.

CyfutureBPO provides a wide range of content marketing services for businesses of all sizes and scale. Our content marketing services span website content, SEO content – both on-page and off-page, content for blogs, e-books, case studies and whitepapers amongst others. We are also adept at creating case studies, whitepapers and other marketing collaterals as per the requirements of our clients. We have a team of experienced technical and business writers who have worked across industries and have the necessary domain knowledge to create insightful content for your business needs

Cyfuture BPO Digital Marketing Services

SEO Content - We offer content services for both off-page and on-page SEO requirements. Our team of SEO content writers are adept at creating content tailored to the individual requirements of each client. Our SEO off-page content is widely accepted by leading content aggregator websites providing organizations with valuable backlinks for their websites to rank at the top of searches in leading search engines.

Website Content - Complying withthe business requirement, our pool of diligent professionals knuckle down to develop unique and informative content required for promoting business offerings. Content is framed in the form of articles, blogs, press releases, infographics, web pages and many more incorporating relevant keywords or phrases that audience is looking for.

Blogs - We develop qualitative content for blogs. Informative and content rich blogs are a key component of content strategy. From brand building to generating qualified leads and generating customer awareness, blogs have proven to be an effective means for companies across a gamut of industries.

Newsletters - Our trained content professionals can create and deliver news oriented press releases and quarterly/monthly business newsletters for organizations.

Technical writing - We have solid expertise in creating industry focused articles for multiple industries. Our team of technical writers have a wide ranging experience of working across multiple industries and have successfully delivered technical content to industry leading clients across multiple industries. Be it product descriptions, software manuals, technical papers or software reviews– we are experts in all aspects of article writing.

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