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Financial Analytics

The banking and financial sector is burdened with stringent regulations, economic turmoil, market uncertainties and rising demand for personalized services. All these make it difficult for financial organizations to maintain increased revenue, customer satisfaction, risk management, and cost optimization while ensuring utmost adherence to all regulatory guidelines.To achieve all these strategic objectives, organizations need to pay attention to analytics-based decision making, which not only helps them plan according to business needs and market scenarios, but also in achieving enhanced entrepreneurial speed and business agility.

Cyfuture BPO possesses a distinct level of expertise in providing financial analytics and consulting services to help clients formulate analytics-based strategies that can ensure maximized returns on marketing spends. We have a team of experienced data professionals, including qualified MBAs, chartered accountants, financial experts, and investment strategists, with combined expertise of several years in the finance industry. These experts possess an enriching financial acumen and exhaustive competency in market risk analytics, multi-channel customer relationship management, credit risk analytics, fraud analytics, and regulatory compliance.

We offer an all-inclusive range of financial analytics and consulting services. Our advanced financial analytics and research services encompass a comprehensive range of data sources as well as analytical tools that can enable businesses streamline their organizational strategies adeptly to address all the ambiguous challenges and unforeseen analytical complications.

Our highly acclaimed financial analytics solutions primarily include

  • Financial statement analysis
  • Valuation analysis
  • Equity/credit research
  • Funding gap analysis
  • Capital market views analysis
  • Market and Industry trackers
  • Target screening
  • Claims analysis
  • Capital market efficiency analysis
  • Prospect list building
  • Earnings trackers and newsletters
  • Pitch book development
  • Capital structure analysis
  • Standardized comparable modeling
  • Analysis for new investment opportunities
  • Supply chain analysis
  • Workforce analysis

After serving several MNCs, SMEs, blue chip companies, and government-owned enterprises, we have developed an in-depth acumen to provide data-based domain knowledge that can help you undertake analytical decisions and initiatives at each level of your organization. Our functional domain expertise and extensive industry knowledge, in conjunction with usage of highly efficient analytical tools, help businesses accomplish key objectives of increased revenue, customer satisfaction, risk management, and cost optimization in the most adept manner.

Key benefits of Cyfuture BPO’s Financial Analytics Solutions

  • Exhaustive acumen regarding supply chain analytics, claims analytics, and workforce analytics
  • Competent fraud management strategy
  • Efficient Net Promoter Score(NPS) framework to ensure consistent increase in customer satisfaction
  • Adept monitoring of influencers, brand equity, and trends
  • Discover cross-sell/up-sell opportunities
  • Significant increase in credit losses through data-based forecasting
  • Reduced MDS (Market Data Spend)
  • Constant increase in receivables through collections modelling
  • Marketing budget optimization

And many more!

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