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Hiring & Recruitment Services

Human resource functions across organizations constantly face the challenging task of hiring the right resource for their organization. The challenge is heightened when hiring for specific functional roles, talent for which is scarce in the market. To overcome such challenges, most companies prefer to outsource their hiring and recruitment services function to a specialized third party, human resource hiring and recruitment services provider to streamline their hiring processes and onboard people faster into the organization.

Cyfuture BPO offers outsourced hiring and recruitment services to clients across a wide range of industries spanning IT & ITES, telecom, manufacturing, retail and healthcare sector. We have a database or more than a million working professionals which helps us identify and hire the right resource for a specific job function according to the functional profile provided by the client.

In the current economic environment, the success of an organization is highly dependent on its human resources function. It is a daunting task to hire and retain the best workers. The success of an entire organization therefore depends heavily upon its sourcing team. With such a crucial task in front of them, even the best hiring and recruitment team in the business requires external specialized help. And, that is where Resource Process Outsourcing (RPO) comes into play.

The Hiring & Recruitment Services offered by Cyfuture BPO allow both large and mid-sized organizations to build a world-class hiring and recruitment function. Our team of experienced professionals workin conjunction with clients’ existing HR function and complement their efforts. We offer a range of comprehensive and flexible hiring &recruitment solutions to manage the complete recruitment lifecycle for our clients. In the past few years, we have helped several organizations with their hiring and recruitment needs with our services.

What differentiates us from competition is our tailor-made solutions for each client with factors like HR goals and key performance metrics of our clients taking the center stage. This augments talent acquisition results. With a strong focus on methodology and determination to provide flexible solutions for every step involved in hiring process, we aim at delivering 100%, every time. To strengthen our result-oriented approach, we combine our industry expertise with ground-breaking recruitment practices and cloud-based talent acquisition methods to deliver high-quality results. Cyfuture BPO’s comprehensive Hiring & Recruitment Services make it possible for our clients to hire right resources, thus increasing productivity and cutting costs incurred due to unsuccessful hiring.

Benefits of Outsourcing the Recruitment Process

Flexibility: Across the industry, HR departments are frequently asked to do more with fewer resources. Cyfuture BPO helps its client make the most of the available resources to recruit for new opportunities, business expansions, specific skill sets and more.

Scalability: The customizable recruitment solutions offered by the company enables you to measure and control your outsourcing requirements up or down during high or low volume periods.

Process Efficiency: The combination of state-of-art technology and domain expertise ensures that we provide efficient hiring process across the industry.

Quality of Hire: Our well-structured hiring process, combined with a wide range of customizable offerings, guarantees a talented pool of professionals.

Cost Efficiency: Hiring the right talent reduces the early stage, thus saves cost incurred due to unsuccessful hiring.

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