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HR Helpdesk Services

Mounting pressure on human resource managers to manage their regular business activities and address employee queries simultaneously hasnecessitated the need for organizations to scout for means to provide assistance to their over-burdened HR staff. To help their internal human resource teams, a lot of organizations are therefore availing HR helpdesk services provided by third party providers to take care of the needs of their employee and enabling their HR staff to focus on strategic business urgencies.

Cyfuture BPO offers a comprehensive range of HR Helpdesk services to assist your HR workforce with the additional work of addressing employee queries and concerns. We have umpteen years of experience in managing HR helpdesk services for clients across a range of industries with the single objective of better services. Our HR helpdesk services are built on well-established workflow processes which delivers the most optimal results for our clients in their search for outsourced HR helpdesk services.

Our HR helpdesk services include all stages of requisition and resolution cycle and is powered by ground-breaking technology, state-of-art infrastructure, dedicated HR professionals, well-definedpractices and a multi-tiered delivery model. Our services are focused on productivity, support and employee satisfaction. With our well-trained professionals available round the clock, we are there to listen to employees’ queries and work towardproviding resolutions and not just response.

The key differentiators of our HR Helpdesk services are

Process Support- ur HR Helpdesk services offeran in-builtmechanism that takes care of ticketing, tagging and routing employee queries. We ensure reliability and consistency across all interaction channels by offering trouble-shooting assistance across different process queues like payroll, benefits, compliance and others.

Technical Support- Researchers suggest that almost 70% of employee queries received by the technology helpdesk fall under Level 1, which means they can be resolved easily and do not require expert intervention. Our helpdesk solution provide your employees with Level 1 support across your HR technology environment. We offer well-defined support procedures and escalation mechanisms to ensure that queries are not only efficiently logged, but are also tracked to closure.

Empowered Support Desk - A dedicated team of well-trained professionals combined with set of innovative tools and technology empowers our support desk to provide quick resolution to employee queries. This ensures reduced time to respond and resolve.

Flexible Staffing - We believe that staffing should complement query season. Only this can ensure that services are delivered in an effortless and efficient manner. We staff the helpdesk as per your business requirements — be it about providing additional support during the hiring season or cutting down the support during lean phase.

Extended Support Window - Our delivery model offers round the clock (24 x 7) support.

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