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Labor Law Compliances

It is imperative for organizations to comply with local labor laws as non-compliance can land them in deep trouble. Organizations understand that a well-structured approach towardsstatutory compliance or labor law complianceis an essential element to prevent any sudden breakdown in operations or other unwanted activities that can affect regular functioning of the organization. Most organizations realize the necessity of compliance but are resource crunched to manage this critical function on their own. For such an organization, outsourcing labor law compliance functions is an ideal solution.

Cyfuture BPO provides labor law and compliance services to organization of various sizes and scale of operations. We are experts in providing Statutory Management and Statutory Compliance across multiple geographies. With our services, our, clients can be assured of complete compliance to prevalent labor laws with regards to their human resources. We are the trusted partners of many organizations across globe including large corporates and small and medium enterprises. With an efficient team of dedicated compliance and labor law experts, we are readily available to guide and help you with statutory and/or labor law compliance services.

We understand the importance of labor law compliance and therefore keep ourselves abreast of the amendments in law and adopt a holistic approach to manage risk and adhere statutory and labor law regulations. We believe in going that extra mile to empower your business by providing superior support, which is strengthened by years of experience and strong understanding of the employment system and labor laws. As a trusted partner, we help you accelerate your organizational development and revenues. Our services are backed by years of credible work experience. We take pride in delivering work on time. Our timely compliance of statutes and labor laws empowers your business to govern and stay focused on the priorities that constantly change in the business environment.

Effective statutory compliance processes entail avoiding all legal repercussions & penalties; access to provincial expertise; updated documents that are readily accessible; professional guidance during inspections/audits and assured virtuous practices with stringent timeline adherence.

Labor law Compliance should be looked at as a dynamic item of cost, instead of seeing as a passive charge on the revenue. A superior operational methodology, dedicated work hours, valuable resources and strict monitoring are required to avoid penalties for non-compliance.

Cyfuture BPO Labor Law Compliance Services

  • Statutory registrations
  • Upkeep of statutory books
  • Payment and filing of returns
  • One-time audit
  • Compliance Audits
  • Compliance for subsidiary firms
  • Management of provident fund trust
  • Management of Retirement funds
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