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Marketing Analytics

Marketing analytics can be defined as an approach to measure, manage, process, and analyze marketing performance with the help of statistical data and insights. Marketing analytics enables businesses to make data-centric decisions focused on optimizing return on marketing investment, and this can also help businesses understand customer behavior, improve customer engagement, and foster value-centric relationships with customers across social and digital media.

In today’s competitive business era, customer experience has emerged as the most potent business differentiator. Enterprises worldwide are struggling to ensure personalized services for customers while sustaining profitability. In such a scenario, marketing analytics can organizations to capitalize efficiently on every customer acquisition opportunity. To reap the benefits of marketing analytics, organizations need a holistic framework which can help them analyze the opportunities in target markets efficiently and optimize return on marketing investment. Therefore, businesses acquire marketing analytics services from expert business process management firms.

Cyfuture BPO holds a distinct level of proficiency in collecting, integrating, processing, rationalizing, and analyzing overall marketing data competently. We make use of data-centric algorithms and analytical strategies to help clients incorporate and execute a wide variety of marketing and sales policies. We are a proud partner of numerous MNCs and SMEs, and we have successfully been able to please and surprise our clients through our success-driven marketing analytics services.

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Why Cyfuture BPO

Being technology agnostic, Cyfuture BPO helps businesses select appropriate marketing model that can help them realize strategic marketing and sales objectives competently. We have industry-wide experience of handling and managing marketing analytics functions of organizations worldwide, and we also have in-depth expertise in database configuration, visualization tools, and digital marketing analytics to help you develop an all-inclusive view of your target customers. We offer one-stop marketing analytics solution for a wide range of marketing and sales initiatives, such as:

  • Target market assessment
  • Expansion of social media base
  • Sales forecast
  • Allocation of marketing spend
  • Management of cross sell and upsell opportunities
  • Optimized pricing
  • Analysis of customer behavior
  • Social data analytics
  • Predictive analytics
  • Market segmentation

Advantages of Cyfuture BPO’s marketing analytics services

  • Data integration, management, and analysis using cost-effective methods to help clients maintain cost-efficiency of overall marketing functions
  • Agile, timely, and adaptive reporting to help clients take appropriate initiatives focused on achieving organizational goals
  • Access to latest marketing software and visualization tools to help clients maintain collect, view, monitor, analyze, and protect crucial and sensitive data

Cyfuture BPO has proficiently trained marketing analysts and highly skilled professionals who can collect, analyze, and process marketing data adeptly, and their marketing analytics services can help you develop a precise understanding of target markets and target customers.

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