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OCR Data Entry Services

Optical character recognition (OCR) is a technology that helpsin converting variouskinds of documents such as scanned papers, photographs or PDF files into editable and searchable data.Manually retyping a document or scanned copies into an editable format and maintaining this data is an extremely time-consuming task. Manual tasks are labor intensive which increase human resource costs and lower the profitability of businesses.

With the advent of OCR technology, this procedure has become much easier but still continues to a time consuming task. Also, for most companies it is not a core part of their business. As such it makes sense for such companies to outsource such services to an expert data entry services company and reduce its operational costs.

Cyfuture BPO offersoptical character recognition (OCR) data entry services that help in modifyingscanned data into an editable format, thereby enhancing the workflow and productivity of the organization.With the help of advanced OCR technologies and methodologies we help in optimizing accuracy and timeof converting large volumes of data into an editable formats or any other format as required by the client. Our team of professionals conduct a detailed analysis of the formatted document with the original one so asto ensure consistency between the original and OCR file.Data entry via OCR technique ensures accuracy and consistency of the data. It is much accurate than the normal keystroke data entry and is therefore the most preferred form of data entry services offered by organizations today. Several businesses have availed our OCR data entry services in the past. We also offer multilingual keyboarding and proofreading services ensuring that no error occurs.

Our OCR data entry services are highly affordable. If you are looking forward to partner a reputed OCR data entry services provider, then reach us today.

Cyfuture BPO OCR Data Entry Services

  • Receipt / Bill Data Entry
  • Business Transaction Data entry like sales / purchase / payroll
  • Indexing and converting the documents
  • Conversion of scanned images data into digital text files
  • Current scanning technology
  • PDF Document Indexing
  • Hand Print OCR
  • Books Scanning
  • Permanent Records Scanning
  • Strategic Data Entry into Software Program and application
  • Digital Documents OCR
  • Typewritten OCR
  • Proofreading Services
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