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Performance Management System

In spite of being one of the most crucial HR processes, the performance management system is overlooked by many organizations. Performance management is a managerial approach adopted by managers to work in collaboration with their employees to plan, monitor and review their work and overall contribution to the organization. Performance management is not only an annual performance assessment, but it is an unremitting process of setting goals, evaluating progress and providing training and feedback to make sure that employees are meeting their objectives. Performance management is about identifying problems related to gaps in performance and providing viable solutions to capitalize on performance in every aspect of an organization’s business. Lack of proper management causes loopholes in the workflowmainly due to inadequate formal communication, ill-defined goals that are not in-sync with business changes, the inability of managers to give accurate assessment insights during appraisals and not having adequate follow-up discussions with employees after the appraisal. Managing the overall performance of employees poses many challenges. That is why, organizations are availing services offered by experts to help them manage the system properly.

Cyfuture BPO offers outsourced performance management systems with distinct tools and systems that enable your organization to assess employee performance, identify the problem area and create individual performance/improvement plans in areas of strategic importance. We strictly believe that a performance management system should bring individual performance in line with the organization’s goals.

Our performance management system services help organizations align individual employee performance with the overall organizationideology, operation and objectives; direct and indirect linkage to organizationbusiness success factors; enhance performance of employees and teams;define individual employee goals and team goals and define growth path of employees.

We offer a wide range of tools for performance appraisal/evaluation development; aid in design, develop and implement performance management systems and provide adequate training to staff; help in launching a new or upgrade an existing performance management system with focus on employees’ individual growth and retention

Cyfuture BPO possesses deep knowledge to not only manage your existing performance management system, but to also transform it. We helporganizations upgrade from a manual, paper and pencil process to a more convenient and efficient online system. Our team of dedicated professionals works in close tandem with your organization to fully revamp existing performance management systems of organizations.

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