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Cold calling is assumed as the most infamous step in the entire sales cycle for sales agents. Sales agents choose to pass the leads and not spend their precious time on potential customers who do not show the expected interest in the offerings. Do not worry, CyfutureBPO is here. We, being one of the most renowned lead generation companies, ensure to craft eligible prospect opportunities to offer growth to the businesses.

We have encompassed an adept workforce of competent solution managers who will understand your core marketing objective, product attributes, and market conditions to design & launch a B2B or B2C lead generation campaign, which satiates your sales channel and reduces your cost per lead significantly. However diverse your business requirement may be, CyfutureBPO will ensure to provide an unparalleled range of lead generation services without any hassle.

Did You Know?

Company that have nurtured leads reported to make 47% larger purchases than the organization having non-nurtured leads?

Lead Generation: The first step to your success

A sale is an ultimate mantra for every business and it really does not matter if you are a reputed player in your industry or just a toddler, you may face the need to avail the lead generation services from a third-party vendor. While approaching for a lead generation service provider, always ensure what sort of services you are looking for.

There are two major segments of lead generation services:

B2B Lead Generation Service:

It refers to developing leads for companies whose primary customers are other businesses. The efforts required in this kind of service is generally more and a proper lead nurturing process is followed here.

Additionally, B2B lead generation is done with not only considering the decision maker but keeping in mind other aspects such as market demographics and similar. An agent has to do more research and prepare more stringently while extracting and qualifying a lead for B2B clients. CyfutureBPO has trained professionals who understand your business requirements comprehensively and then start looking for your potential customers.

B2C Lead Generation Service:

It is a process where we offer leads to organizations whose customers are consumers. Considered as one of the reputed lead generation companies in USA, we have agents who render these services with ultimate ease and precision. Compared to B2B, B2C lead generation service requires lesser effort from an agent. Agents have to focus on one decision maker majorly and the overall revenue is less too.

Why outsource to a putative Lead Gen Company?

One of the biggest advantage your business can have by handing over the lead generation task is that your outsourcing partner will be primarily focused on this operation itself. Generally, an in-house agent will get frustrated and will not be happy about the cold leads and prospects delaying sales. This can seriously hamper the productivity of your business.

But when you outsource to a renowned lead generation call center, all the experts assigned to your project will continue to put in their best efforts and full focus on your leads only. This offers you the chance to bring your focus back on the core competencies of your business leaving all the worries of lead generation to your partnering firm (which can be us).

So, if your company wants to acquire some closeable leads and witness a hike in growth rate, you need to get in touch with us immediately.

Benefits of partnering with CyfutureBPO

There are quite a few enticing benefits your business will experience once you will outsource the lead generation to us:

Elevated sales figure

CyfutureBPO offers you the chance to have the pre-qualified sales leads which in turn aids your business to transform the potential customers into loyal ones. This raises the sales for your business quite remarkably.

Cost-effectiveness and resource allocation

There are some business operations that do not get the attention that they deserve because you and your staff are busy in generating leads for your company. When you choose to outsource, you get ample of time and space to make the other business functions more productive.

Since CyfutureBPO have all the tools and amenities that help them to generated leads, there is no requirement that you pour money in the same. This helps your business to save a lot of money.

24*7 availability

If you are having an in-house lead gen call center, it won’t be possible for your agents to be available beyond the business hours too. This can result in loss of leads or what you can say aptly as loss of opportunity. On the other hand, CyfutureBPO offers around-the-clock operation for your business. Our team holds expertise in serving clients from multiple time-zones.

In-depth knowledge

Since we are quite rigorous in hiring our agents and subsequently we also offer strict training, so no stone is left unturned when it comes to offering quality leads to businesses. Our experts ensure to update the progress status and level of all potential customers on a constant basis. The status is exhibited on the dashboard and the reports are documented so as to keep our clients in the loop of the overall process.

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