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Top Market Research Companies in United States

In the era when market research is being enhanced and transformed into an enhanced version, experts are still not happy with the changes. The debate of conventional market research methods versus the contemporary ones seems endless. Outsourcing the market research services showcases exceptional opportunity to provide a more far-reaching voice of the market and increases the valuation of the transformed agency model.

Your own Market Research Company: CyfutureBPO

For filtering the best market research firms in the U.S.A you need to identify the correct source of information. There are quite a few marketing research companies that are offering the information that does not matches up with what they promise to clients. A lot of our clients have been complaining about the lousy experiences with the outsourced call centers in the past. We, CyfutureBPO, one of the leading market research companies in USA, ensure to provide a sterling level of service experience to our clients.

Our agents who are recruited via rigorous rounds and assessment sit with you so as to understand the bottom line of your business and offer you the solutions accordingly. We ensure to eradicate the all the past second-rate experience that you have in past and lease you with fresh and enhanced service level.

Best Market Research Firms offering business growth

Businesses are looking to tie-up with the prominent market research agencies in the United States but are unable to acquire an authentic source for this information. Although CyfutureBPO is involved in offering an unmatched array of market research services, still for our client’s and prospect’s (you) interest, we are offering the list of top market research firms in the region. Let’s take a look:

  • Nielsen: Founded in 1923, this New York based marketing research company have an employee strength of 9000+ and a comprehensive revenue of $6.2 billion ($3.6 B revenue in U.S. + $2.6 B revenue non U.S.). The CEO of Nielsen is Dwight. M. Barns.
  • IMS Health: Considered as one of the leading marketing research companies in USA, this firm was founded in the year 1954. With its headquarter in Danbury (Connecticut), this firm flaunts a revenue of $ 1.1 billion from the United States alone. The employee strength of IMS Health is 3000+.
  • Kantar: With around 3250 personnel in workforce, this New York based firm is recognized as one of the preeminent marketing research agencies. This firm earns a handsome U.S. revenue of $ 973 M.
  • IRI: Headquartered in Chicago, this company is regarded as a leading market research company with an exceptional revenue of $ 605 M in the U.S. alone. The president and CEO of the company is Andrew Appel. Founded in 1979, this competent market research firm has a team of around 1350 employee altogether.
  • Ipsos: With a whopping revenue of around $552 M, this New York based company was founded in the year 1975. Headed by its CEO Didier Trucho, Ipsos works with a headcount of more than 2000 professionals.
  • Westat: It is another market research agency founded in 1963. Headquarter of this market research company is based in Rockville (Maryland) and is led by James.E.Smith. With around 1921 employees working for it, Westat is able to grab an annual revenue of $ 491 M in the United States only.
  • GFK: Being one of the eminent market research agencies in usa, GFK was incepted in the year 1934 and is currently run by its CEO Mr. Matthias Hartmann. Total employee strength of the company is 1025 and the revenue in states is $ 346 M. Headquarter is in New York.
  • comScore: Have a revenue of $ 268 M in states and employs around 890 professionals globally. Founded in the year 1999, comScore is led by its president & CEO Serge Matta. Its headquarter is situated in Reston, Virginia.
  • The NPD Group: With its main office based in Port Washington, NY, The NPD Group boasts a revenue of $ 231 M. Led by its president and COO, Karyn Schoenbart, this company has around 975 employees at its end.
  • J.D.Power: This is one of the impactful market research firms serving businesses in the United States. Incepted in the year 1968, this company has its headquarter in Westlake village (California) and is led by Finbarr O'Neill. With a team of around 500 specialists, this company earns an annual U.S. revenue of $181M.
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