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At CyfutureBPO, the timely deliverance of an unbreakable support system for your company’s requirements is one of the features that highlight us. We have comprehended the fact that the advent of modernization has brought the ‘ease’ factor at the center place in the market. Nowadays, the people prefer ordering their requirements from their comfort zones. The process of visiting store and buying has immensely washed out. You last until the moment you are omnipresent for your customers and the moment your services fade, your business collapses. And to secure you from such backlash, we provide an excellent set of customer assistance services that helps you to cope up with the increased and diversifying requirements of your customers.

We have diligent experts, possessing ingenious communicational skills and unmatched fluency in understanding the bottom line of any business’s vision and objectives. These agents are backed by the highly-trained support management team that assures the on-time and accurate performance of every agent in the overall order taking process. The all-time availability of our clients reduces the risk of any missed customer’ call or order, thus reducing the risk of getting the tagline of ‘bad service’.

Did You Know?

70% of businesses end up losing the customer base due to the unreliable customer assisting staff and techniques?

Our Order Taking Service Meets Customer’s Expectation

More than half of the product/food ordering experiences are based on the type of treatment the customers receive from the company’s end. With our order taking call center services, you can steal the golden opportunity to show your customers the level of care and responsibility you possess for them. And it is a well-accepted fact that deliverance of lousy service to your customers lead your business to neither growth nor sales. So, if your customer is routed to an automated call or at worse, you miss the call comprehensively, your customer-service accountability comes at a risk. We can help you overcome such adverse reactions and preserve your valuable customers.

The years of expertise in providing the business outsourcing services to multiple clients from different backgrounds, we understand the market from both, the customer’s and the business’s viewpoint. You can take the advantage of our order taking call center to give a personalized touch in the customer-assisting process.

We provide:

Order taking all the time- We guarantee a robust 24X7 order taking channel for your customers to easily call and place the order at any time of the day. Our agents operating your orders live (not automated ones) make sure that the customers are assisted fully with in-depth information and knowledge about the product or service.

Email and Chat- Taking this alternative technique into the account, you can give your customers a flexible yet accurate option to place the order and receive all kind of order-related information. We have implemented the latest software and technology to back you up with highly-advanced order taking methods. And you can shrug the burden off from your shoulders as we effectively take orders on your behalf.

Payment inquiries- As the trend of placing the order online has hugely increased, the process of sending and receiving payments online has also risen significantly. In case your customers face trouble in making payment or encounter any lag in the payment making process, our agents, taking the entire complaint into the account, will assist them with valuable information, assuring the safety of their payment/amount.

The Benefits of Order Taking Call Center:

  • Flexible and qualified staff to meet the varying volume of the order/calls.
  • Professional agents with skills to adapt the product knowledge easily.
  • Growth in the order value simultaneously cutting cost and increasing revenue.
  • 24X7 Surveillance on the agent performance with detailed overview and progress report.
  • Excellent overall revenue generation with increased consumer retention.

We value the effort of businesses trying to improve the internal employee’s efficiency with the means of outsourcing. Thus, we provide the adequate order taking services that adequately fit your organizational needs. We have both inbound and outbound call center facility to make sure that we convert the most of the inquiry calls into sales, that too in a possible cost-effective way.

If you have any doubts in regards to the processes we follow to assist our clients that results in an increased brand loyalty, feel free to contact us. Our agents will promptly get back to you with the right and effective response.

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