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Get an 800 Number Answering Service and Boost Your Company’s Image

CyfutureBPO truly understands how important it is to offer a global presence for your customers. Along with this, it is also critical to attaining a sense of authority in your own business sector. Hence, we are providing businesses of all sizes the fascinating attribute of 800 number answering service.

Having a toll-free number for your business helps your organization to acquire a credible place in the market. Although there are quite a few toll-free numbers available in the market, the 800 numbers are still the most popular of all. We offer you this amazing feature at an astonishingly low price.

With a virtual receptionist your business is almost there, but with an 800 toll-free number, you are truly ready for all sort of inbound calls. That means not even a hint of missed business opportunities. We ensure that the price you pay for availing our 800 number answering services is quite low than recruiting in-house experts to address your inbound calls.

Did You Know?

A dynamic ad highlighting an 800 number can result in approximately 30% more orders?

Why your business requires an 800 number?

If you want to make your business look more professional, then taking an 800 number surely helps the purpose. Some businesses are only happy with their local numbers. Now, these businesses’ customers from outer locality are not so encouraged to deal with a company operating not in their geographical area. Customers often think that the businesses in their area are more convenient to work with.

Including an 800 number in your business will enable your customers to get in touch with you despite the location they belong to. This said, CyfutureBPO also offers a local number to be utilized for your patrons in your precise location. All you have to do is that to forward that local number to your 800 number. Post this, our virtual receptionists or agents will address all your calls and will provide the impeccable experience your customers wish for.

CyfutureBPO offers additional numbers for sub-accounts

There are quite a few clients of ours who intend to keep more than one 800 phone number for several sub-accounts. You can manage various businesses via a single CyfutureBPO account or can handle various divisions of your business such as operations and marketing. Whatever manner you in which you decide to handle your live answering service account, we ensure to offer you the affordable toll-free numbers as per your business requirement.

Attributes of 800 number answering service

Your business can leverage on the various features of this 800 toll-free number.

Around-the-clock virtual receptionists

Our agents converse in a friendly manner with your customers 24*7. The toll-free number calls are also forwarded to your virtual receptionists who hold expertise in handling customers’ query. This offers ease to the customers calling you as they can reach your business at any given time.

Call transfer and routing

Our agents make sure to direct the customer calls to the correct and specific departments. This saves a lot of your time and offers an enhanced customer experience.

Multilingual support

We understand your business can have customers all over the world, so we train our agents to offer assistance in multiple languages. This provides you an edge over your competitors.

Urgent call management

Our skilled and efficient professionals make it a point to direct your most crucial calls to the right person in the precise time frame. We have tools that can set the custom rules for calls that are urgent.

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