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There are so many companies in the market that customers only tend to buy from businesses they like and respect. This is not easy; to earn respect or to convey the intended message to your target audience. This is where telemarketing services come so handy. CyfutureBPO, one of the champion telemarketing companies, is here to offer you a spectrum of outsourced telemarketing services.

It is startling to see how many businesses totally miss the boat when it comes to the basics of telemarketing that can actually draw the line of distinction. Let’s make one thing clear; we do not call for dollar, instead, our agents ensure to make high-touch sales communication with your customers. This customer interaction is totally dependent on an adapted blend of marketing tactics and tested sales strategies.

Generate powerful leads with Telemarketing Outsourcing

It is not a rocket science to choose whether to outsource your telemarketing operations or to handle it with an in-house facility. Imperatively, you choose to delegate the outbound telemarketing services because you want to pay less, you want to focus on the core business functions and want to ensure deliverance of a sterling level of customer experience.

Did You Know?

Around 78% of decision-makers have admitted taking an appointment or attending an event due to an email or a cold call?

Today, you may find an array of telemarketing companies that are trying to sell the services based on the bigotry of their professional bias. Unlike this, we take a totally different approach by clasping the reality that all the marketing and sales strategies are required to be mingled so as to maximize the overall productivity of your business.

CyfutureBPO always visions telemarketing as an indispensable way to render superior communication tactics. If you want to hit your customers, it is not going to happen by any coincidence. You would require a smart approach, perseverance, and the correct outsourced telemarketing firm (which can be us).

Basically, outsourced telemarketing services fix a lot of pain-points for your business. These are:

  • Scaling your business telemarketing operations
  • Attaining more operational resilience
  • Having a first-rate technology
  • Bringing the spotlight back on the core tasks of your business
  • Avoid human resource problems

CyfutureBPO: Your one-stop solution for Telemarketing

You may have come across a lot of telemarketing call centers claiming to provide the best set of services. But have you considered the aspects before you finalize a decision on hiring a telemarketing firm? Not really, right? Well, as a business owner, the decision should favor those telemarketing agencies that are really delivering what they promised.

We, CyfutureBPO, ensure to serve our clients by understanding their product line and bottom line extensively. Also, our experts are recruited on strict norms and guidelines as we want to leave no loopholes when it comes to conveying our client’s message to its customer base. If you partner with us, then your business is going to leverage on definite benefits:

  • Tying up with us can make you reach your customers at the best time quite comfortably and swiftly. This hikes the overall revenue for your business.
  • Zero requirements to invest in cutting-edge technology as we are equipped with an advanced state-of-the-art infrastructure that comprises all the essential amenities to smoothen and systemize the whole telemarketing process.
  • CyfutureBPO offers you a simple way to sign up with us. You won’t be required to make a hefty investment. Just sign the contract and pay a fraction of what you would be paying for setting up an in-house telemarketing call center.
  • Additionally, you get the direct access to a squad of sophisticated and dedicated telemarketing pro which is ready to raise your business standards by taking care of your sales and customer related requirements.
  • Affordability is an obvious benefit since the comprehensive operational cost diminishes significantly.

Types of offered Telemarketing Services

It is often being assumed that telemarketing services for small businesses do not make sense. However, when you will take a look at the cluster of our offered services, the thought will leave your mind.

  • B2B telemarketing includes services such as appointment setting, lead generation & qualification, cross-sell, inbound services, tech-support, up-sell and so on.
  • B2C telemarketing Includes existing customer cross-sell & up-sell and information blitz.

Share your business requirements with us now and witness an uplift of your business norms.

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