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Every marketer or a business owner looks to attain a concrete return on their marketing investment via professional, focused, consistent and outlined B2B telemarketing services. A study has suggested that majority of the business owners are not in comprehensive touch with their market. If you will keep on waiting for the phone to ring, your competitors might run away with the sales you wished for.

Incomes CyfutureBPO, one of the leading B2B telemarketing companies that focus on being the front line sales force for our clients. Since the first impression is paramount, our agents are the voice on the phone that represents your brand and connects you with your customers. Our trained and assiduous experts help your business to increment your sales and bottom line accordingly.

We have a vision that everyday our agents strive hard to convert the B2B business development for the better, taking one call at a time. So, if you want to convert your sales channel, extend to more potential customers, and experience amazing connections with the people who make decisions, you have landed on the perfect page.

Did You Know?

49% of B2B marketers are heavily engaged in mobile marketing for generating leads?

How can B2B telemarketing change the scenario for your business?

There are some sectors such as banking, telecoms, finance, and hotels that are frequently using the B2B telemarketing tactics to improvise the overall yield of their businesses. In fact, employing B2B telemarketing services can enable you to bring about appointments and sales via various smart strategies that help your business to grow. These strategies can also help you attain your marketing objectives without requiring you to invest heavily.

Now do not get scared before you make a cold call to prospects or leads. CyfutureBPO offers an exceptional range of B2B telemarketing services for your business. Our professionals ensure to understand your marketing needs and accordingly provide the best-customized solutions. Without having a persistent staff, none of your telemarketing objectives can be fulfilled. With a hard-working team like ours, you can ensure that all the leads offered to you are private, qualified and does not originate from the internet.

How CyfutureBPO quenches your B2B Telemarketing thirst?

We have strict hiring guidelines for our telemarketing agents because we understand the significance of having a strong team. Owing to this, we offer various benefits that your business can avail if you choose to partner with us:

We believe in honest conversation

It’s a fact that no one actually likes to be sold, no matter what. That is the reason that our agents ensure to leave the conventional script and clasps an interactional approach to telesales. Our experts ensure to converse with your customers rather than conversing at them. And it’s amazing to see how it works.

Cost-effective solutions

Our agents work with such diligence and precision when directed by your business requirement that it becomes imperative to offer you the expected affordable results. As said, you would have to spend only a fraction of what you need to incur while recruiting a team of B2B telemarketing agents.

Tech compliance

CyfutureBPO always appreciates the inclusion of technology in business. So, we ensure that whenever we call any of your customers, your organization’s name will be exhibited on your customer’s caller ID. Also, we ensure to record all your calls and integrate web interface, CRM and other tools to systemize the whole process.

We are quite experienced and serious about our compliance with our client’s business requirements. So, connect with us now and see your business thriving.

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