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Having a successful business without a verification service up sleeves is a big risk. Fraudsters are affecting the businesses globally with a massive impact and this is why validation of different aspects is becoming such an unavoidable necessity for everyone. CyfutureBPO, one of the leading verification services provider in the market, aims to provide stability and credibility to your business.

Be it, product validation or third-party check of sales orders or assessment of employment details, we promise our clients to offer nothing but a sterling level of service experience. Verification experts are hired and trained by us through a series of rigorous rounds to leave no stone unturned while serving our clients.

Verification service is a crucial facet in strengthening the foundation of a sales process, employee hiring, and overall business. Meeting client’s requirement is utmost important, but ensuring that each document whether related to an employee or with your offerings is suitably jotted is crucial too. Companies across the globe, be it big or small are looking up for a competent verification services provider to ensure that no obstruction or hindrance emerges in business operations.

Why Your Business Require Verification Services Now?

Suppose you do not think that verification services are going to do any good for your business. Now, when an employee is hired by your company and you trust everything that is mentioned in the resume, you cannot even imagine how many things can go wrong. Since there are many cases coming up that include cheat, fraud, criminal offense, and breach of confidentiality, so the chances of mishaps still persist. If the candidate (you are about to hire) has provided you wrong information, this would impact your business somehow somewhere and in an ugly manner.

Did You Know?

Private companies are a bigger victim of frauds than government organizations? Compared to 23.6% of the government firms, 38% of private companies reported fraud.

Hence, verification services are so required by small companies and big organizations with the same level of preference.

Our Offerings

Due to our extensive know-how of the industry, we, CyfutureBPO, leaves no loopholes while offering verification assistance to our clients. There is an assortment of verification services that we offer:

Employment Verification We offer to assess and provide verification reports to our clients leaving no room for fraud or any related happenings. Our experts ensure to understand your business’ bottom line and render the accurate information related to the candidates you are planning to hire.

Data Verification A single data modification can transform into a catastrophe for your business. To avoid any unprecedented things to happen, our diligent professionals ensure to provide maximum précised data to you.

Third-Party Verification Third party check services are done to ensure that sales order or any change in sales order is executed with the consent of customer and business. In order to avoid any conflict inducing because of confusion in sales order, our experts make sure to adhere both parties to the changes or the details of the order.

Benefits CyfutureBPO offers to your Business with our Verification Solutions

  • Jot down and validate all protocols as per regulatory guidelines (CLSI)
  • Achieve testing and evaluate acquired data
  • Pen down verification reports
  • Offering complete design history file
  • Obtaining essential validation samples
  • Offering timely reports
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