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The last issue that any business owner would want to face is a lack of authenticity in the administration of his company. And this is exactly what we are here to resolve. CyfutureBPO validates the information that your customers or some other external source provides you in order to maintain legitimacy in the organization. We have been serving as the third party service provider for data verification and confirmation of consumer intention. Our support extends from analyzing the buyers’ background, tracking the processing of their order and checking the authorization of transactions. Sometimes, your customers are unable to deliver the written copy of their documents and it becomes difficult for you to qualify them as genuine leads. In this scenario, we join you as the reliable independent party to substantiate the request for service and the identity of the purchaser.

Did You Know?

Brands that avail data verification services from a third-party vendor possess much-elevated position in the market than companies that don’t?

Our Data Verification Expertise

Our live agents are highly skilled in both of the inbound and outbound data verification services. They have expertise in advanced technological equipment and hold hands-on experience in call enhancement applications such as IVR, automatic predictive dialing, and call distribution. We aim at adding an element of proof to your system and thereby establishing faith in the customers to attract them towards your company. By capturing authentic data, we help businesses to grow and create strong sales pipelines, ease the workflow and maintain optimum consumption of resources. This feature also helps to improve lead generation, satisfy customers and retain them in the long run.

Our support services include:

Phone number verification service
We promise to give you the most cost-effective and time-saving options to check invalid phone numbers in your database. This feature helps to minimize frauds by collecting contacts from different channels and investigating the nature and source of the call. We employ phone validating tools. You have to simply type the digits of the phone number in the given column and enter the country of origin.

  • Click on the “validate number” option in the menu.
  • When you have retrieved the required data about the location, you can choose the format section to view national and international information.
  • Select the reset button and proceed with another phone number verification service.

Employment validation services
We enforce a special team of reps to verify the applicants’ history, background and ensure the legitimacy of their data. Our agents look after the fulfillment of eligibility criteria by the candidate such as job experience, job profile, educational qualification, roles, and responsibilities. Moreover, we emphasize creating an environment for the new recruits by providing them with powerful options to exercise their rights and know their limitations at the same time. In this way, our services seem exceptionally legitimate.

Consumer data verification and several other
The entire SCM procedure is tracked and recorded by our customer analytic specialists for any future references. We revise and correct the consumer’s billing and delivery address with time. We also check the organization of logistics facility and the transit information is availed to the purchaser.

Why CyfutureBPO is the best for data verification services?

We have made remarkable accomplishments in the field of data verification services. We have secured a constant position in the space over decades and a long-term partnership with prominent small and medium brand names. We have received special mention and recognition for our achievements in the business sector. There are a number of awards in our bucket that will make it easier for you to estimate our market value. The following characteristics make us stand out from the crowd:

  • Customized call script feature
  • Assurance of data security
  • Multilingual approach
  • High-quality deliverance of services
  • Expert operators
  • Real-time verification and many other
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