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CyfutureBPO is a reliable and instant provider of controlled and secured employment verification service. We use leading and industry-oriented techniques to provide information about the employees that range from the past work experience to current employment status verification. We are the prominent entity providing service for the employee’s background screening. With years of expertise and recognizable service, we are fully efficient and provide the correct and up-to-date information reducing the risk of any misleading detail.

As we are compatible to work under the circumstances of varying work-load, we are widely chosen by a diverse range of industries for the employment verification processes. Our team, with a unique method of information processing, provides the details of the employee in the fastest way possible. We work to completely eliminate the workload of verification that results in the increased employee productivity. You can save your valuable time by leaving all the work verification processes on our team of the experts.

Did You Know?

In the process to get the job, 60% of the people stretch their skills in the resume, which they don’t even possess?

The Safest Employment Verification Process

We understand the fact that during the verification of employment, the documents that we possess are personal and carries high importance. Our team goes great lengths to ensure the security and protection of the data, constructing a layered process for the data to be handed over to the appropriate party under required circumstances. We double-check every information of the employee and once verified, the data is sorted in the needed manner and sent to our clients. Our expert team is entirely focused on the supply of a flawless service as we understand the importance of correctness and authenticity in the process of hiring an employee.

The human resource department of your organization has loads of task to perform. By choosing us for your employment verification processes, you can at least release one load from your HR department’s shoulders. Our experts can effectively deal with the intense procedure of digging for the most accurate information in order to verify the employment status of an applicant. You can reduce the expense and increase employee’s focus on the core competencies of the business. You can also manage the time effectively as our team responds to every request in the real-time only. If there is any sort of unavoidable delay in the process, then our team covers and provides the result of the request within 24 hours.

The Verification of Employment Benefits:

  • 24X7 availability of fast and secure system as a solution to every employment verification task.
  • A highly-trained and informative support team.
  • An overall data encryption infused with the high-standard security parameters.
  • The employee self-service increasing the efficiency of your employees.

Verify Employment to Hire Smart

The pooling of job applicants has become both, an advantage and a curse for the hiring committee. The applicants, in the hope of getting an enormous pay hike, sometimes fake the employment information by either exceeding the duration of the work or by manipulating the job title. Besides carrying fraudulent documents, some of the employees also have the history of workplace violence that you, being a genuine business in the market, would try to avoid such frivolous mistake. We, being the most trusted employment verification company and having an experience of handling a diverse range of clients, can give you the best result adding an extra edge to your hiring process.

We, being one of the eminent employment verification companies, assist our clients with the best technology aligned with their needs of verification of employment. The employment verification, if done wrong, can make the company’s reputation come at a dangerous risk. Our team is capable of supplying data related to employee’s payroll, compensation, etc. that play an important role in the overall hiring process. Our employment verification services involve the usage of the seamless technology that makes the communication process between us and our clients effortless.

Having trouble in knowing how to verify employment details of the candidate? Want to increase the efficiency of your employees while enjoying cost-reduction? Looking for a third-party employment verification? Contact us for all past employment verification about your candidate. We have the best solutions for you.

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