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Authenticate Your Business Using a Third Party Check

We offer a hassle-free sales cycle for you

Having a business and making sales is the dream of every company. But, what if you are required by some authorities to cross-examine the credibility of your telephonic or online sales? Where would you look up to? CyfutureBPO, one of the preeminent third party verification companies, is here to provide you a smooth and reliable spectrum of services.

Telemarketing businesses in the U.S. are mandated by the Federal Trade Commission or FTC and Public Utilities Commission or PUC to hire a company that can offer authentication to their sales order and process comprehensively. Our staff of assiduous professionals strives hard to make confirmation with your customer prior to impose a change or concluding a sale for product/service, where the transaction is done by phone.

This is done to avoid any sort of conflict or confusion that arises after the sale is completed. So, the third party verification service provider guarantees that the buyers discern and concede the purchase or change made to their accounts.

Did You Know?

The annual cost of fraud to U.S. companies is approximately $1 trillion?

How Third Party Check offers stability to your business?

CyfutureBPO is involved in rendering an unmatched and customized set of third party verification services to clients from a protracted time period. Having a 3rd party verification service will ensure that each sales order or modification is done with the complete knowledge of your customers. When you do this, your customers and prospects visualize your brand as a reliable one.

Agents hired by us ensure to ask customers to verify their identity and order. The verification is not just done by asking. Few renowned third party verification companies such as ours retain the audio recording of the customer interaction where confirmation is made. This, on one hand, becomes the evidence of order confirmation and avoids any sort of disputes at a later time period on the other.

To prevent the illicit practices such as slamming, where consumer’s traditional wireline telephone company is switched to a local or some long distance service without consent, third party validation is required. To avoid these sort of outlawed practices, CyfutureBPO:

  • Verifies your verbal authentication for such move
  • Offers and acquires your signature on a document that confirms your consent to switch, change or make a sales order.
  • Provides a toll-free number that you can directly call to confirm the order or change in service.

Why can CyfutureBPO be your ultimate third party checker?

We understand the gravity of third party verification services and hence ensure to extract significant information from our client. Our staff ensures to draw out:

  • Date of the verification
  • Your identity
  • Confirmation that you are authenticated to make the change
  • Confirmation that you actually want the change to happen
  • Confirmation that you understand that you are authorizing a company change, without any confusion.
  • The names of the telemarketing firms impacted by the change
  • The telephone numbers that are needed to be switched
  • The types of service included in the process
  • Appropriate verification data (date of birth or social security number)

So, end your search for a dominant third party verification service provider by contacting us. We would flatten your verification process and make your business shine above all.

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