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Shared Call Center Services

Reduce operational costs with a state-of-the-art Shared Call Center

Small and mid-sized businesses often find themselves in a queer situation. They find that inbound calls are increasing which is a positive sign for business. However‚ handling those calls internally can prove to be a challenge because of the skeletal staff on which their business runs. On the other hand, the volume of calls is not high enough to justify allocating dedicated resources for handling those calls. At the same time‚ these calls are important for their business. Businesses facing such a situation can utilize the services of an outsourced call center which offers a shared customer support model.

Shared call center is the ideal solution for small and growing businesses as it allows them to utilize the services of a call center on a shared basis with other businesses. These services are available round the clock which ensures that companies won't miss a single inbound call from customers. The best part is that you pay only for the calls handled. Choosing a reputed call center service with the capability‚ experience and efficiency to handle all types of calls efficiently is important to deliver customers a truly enriching experience.

Cyfuture BPO is the first choice of companies that need specialized agents to manage their inbound calls. We offer shared call center model services in which your account is shared by other business and brands. We are fully equipped to handle inbound calls from your customers as well as the other clients round the clock and without any confusion. You can be assured that there will be no mix-up of calls because only low traffic websites are handled by our executives under the shared call center service model. Companies can be sure of serving the needs of their customers anytime; even after office hours.

Our shared call center option is ideal for companies that generate orders by web promotions, print, email or direct mail. We have developed unique training methodologies which ensure that our executives will be able to communicate your brand image and ideas to your customers the same way as your in-house executive does. The whole process is so well established that there is no scope for any confusion despite the executives working for more than one client at the same time.

Our shared call center option can often be less expensive than appointing an in-house team or utilizing a full-fledged call center service. We offer a number of options to our clients. They can choose the best one‚ depending on the specific demands and needs of their growing business. We can enter the orders directly into your system to help you get orders in real time which can be acted upon promptly. We keep things simple at our end to deliver a truly satisfying experience to customers.

Cyfuture BPO can customize plans to match your business needs so that you can get the most cost-effective call center solutions without having to compromise on the needs of your business. Call us now to know more about our shared call center solutions.

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